Re-visiting the Sustainability Index Tool assessment in Ghana seven years on.

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Harold Lockwood, Latest, Monitoring & evaluation, Sanitation & Hygiene, Technical Assistance, Training and facilitation, Water Services, Western Africa

Sustainability of water and sanitation services is a well-recognized challenge that is increasingly being addressed by a range of governments, international donors and NGOs. Aguaconsult, together with our long-standing partner in Ghana, Maple Consult, is now carrying out a follow-up assessment of the first phase of the Rotary-USAID partnership which invested in water supply, sanitation and hygiene interventions in five districts in 2012. This provides a unique opportunity to re-visit the same districts, water supply schemes and institutional sanitation facilities and to assess the extent to which these investments in WASH services have been sustained over time. In addition, it will provide a great opportunity to validate the Sustainability Index Tool itself and determine how well the results of the first assessment have been borne out in reality after a significant period of time.
Back in 2012 Aguaconsult developed and applied the first iteration of the Sustainability Indicator Tool as part of the Rotary International and USAID programme. The results from Ghana were part of a multi-country review that resulted in high level recommendations for future work of the partnership and a global lesson learning document. For more information on this assignment, please contact Bill Twyman.

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