Anissa Toscano

Anissa Toscano holds a Master of Arts in International Boundary Studies, as well as an International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance. She has over 19 years experience in humanitarian and development contexts with in-depth experience in both natural disasters and complex emergencies. An experienced disaster response practitioner, Ms. Toscano has developed proven skills in assessment, intervention strategies as well as evaluation of crisis response and disaster risk reduction approaches. She has worked with Aguaconsult on a number of assignments, including leading a team conducting an in-depth study into global disaster/conflict interfaces. In her capacity as Head of Advisory Group, UK Department for International Development Conflict, Humanitarian and Security Department Operations Team, she not only provided field team leadership for major UK disaster responses but also advised on key operational and humanitarian policy issues for DFID CHASE. This included advisory oversight of the DFID-funded Federation Disaster Risk Reduction Programme in South Asia and East Africa. Throughout her career, Anissa has worked with and alongside a range of organisations including donors, UN agencies, NGOs, private sector companies and the International Movement of the Red Cross. Anissa was recently awarded an OBE for her work in the field of humanitarian assistance.