Jane Barham

Jane Barham holds a Master's Degree in International Studies and Diplomacy specialising in International Law and International Relations, with 18 years overseas experience in a wide range of technical and managerial capacities with relief and...

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Richard Carter

Richard Carter has worked for 35 years on the natural science, social science and engineering of water development and management, focusing especially on the poorest countries of sub-Saharan Africa.  He undertook his undergraduate, Master's and PhD studies...

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Jeremy Colin

Jeremy Colin has a professional background in urban environmental health and worked in UK local government before specializing in water and sanitation for developing countries. Following full-time contracts in Pakistan (as Director of an NGO specializing...

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Jan Gelfand

Jan Gelfand has a Master of Science in Rural Sociology and has taught community development and rural sociology at the University of Alberta in Canada. He has an extensive background in community development, disaster management, programme management and...

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Chris McGahey

For over 31 years, Chris McGahey has been engaged in the science and application of water and sanitation programs as contributors to overall international development. He holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering and his work has ranged from designing and...

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Erica Ortiz Moreno

Erica Ortiz Moreno is a civil engineer with experience in the formulation and assessment of infrastructure projects, specifically in the water and sanitation sector. She has considerable experience in the evaluation of private sector companies...

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Suha Satana

Suha Satana is an economist specialising in project, program and sector evaluation, economic-financial-fiscal analysis and costing of donor funded projects, emphasising overall project and program management including: natural disaster risk and hazard...

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Muhammad Taher

Muhammad Taher is a research and evaluation consultant specialising in social and institutional development; mainly using participatory and qualitative analytical methods; Undertakes design and appraisal of programmes/projects that promote rights of...

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Anissa Toscano

Anissa Toscano holds a Master of Arts in International Boundary Studies, as well as an International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance. She has over 19 years experience in humanitarian and development contexts with in-depth experience in both natural...

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Ian Wilderspin

Ian Wilderspin is an expert in disaster risk reduction and disaster management, with over 20 years’ experience of humanitarian work and emergency response, including community-based disaster risk management. Over these years Ian has developed areas of...

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