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How is the GLAAS useful to countries?

by | September 28, 2018 | Global, Goufrane Mansour, Julia Boulenouar, Knowledge communication, Latest, Monitoring & evaluation, Sanitation & Hygiene, Water Services, Western Africa

How is the GLAAS useful to countries?

As WASH practitioners, we’ve all heard of the GLAAS and used it in our work. We knew it as a great source of information on WASH sector status, but now we are supporting the implementation of the survey in francophone African countries, and wondering in what ways this process can actually be useful to countries.

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Aguaconsult completes a multi-city review of private sector engagement in FSM services in Africa

by | March 29, 2018 | Goufrane Mansour, Latest, Will Tillett

In September last year, Aguaconsult was commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) to undertake a review of experiences in engaging the private sector in FSM services. The review focussed on cities where BMGF and DFID had funded such initiatives, which included Accra, Blantyre, Dakar, Durban, Freetown and Kampala.

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Tracking local governments expenditure on sanitation Challenges and early findings

by | March 3, 2018 | Goufrane Mansour, Latest

Aguaconsult, in partnership with Maple Consult, is investigating local expenditure on sanitation and hygiene services in four districts in Ghana. The consultancy was commissioned by the Environmental Health and Sanitation Department (EHSD) with support from UNICEF Ghana. Goufrane Mansour (Aguaconsult, project manager), Robert Van Ess (Maple Consult, national WASH expert) and Didier Allély-Fermé (Aguaconsult associate, technical lead) reflect on some of the challenges involved and the emerging picture on public financing for sanitation.

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