Chris McGahey

For over 31 years, Chris McGahey has been engaged in the science and application of water and sanitation programs as contributors to overall international development. He holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering and his work has ranged from designing and managing USAID’s largest water supply, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) project to establishing coastal water quality monitoring and peri-urban services for the urban poor with a consistent focus on the point where these intersect with public health and community engagement. He has learned from experience in both the non- and for-profit sectors in the Caribbean, the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Chris has worked both in the field and as a Washington, D.C.-based project manager backstopping and providing direct assistance to United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) projects since 1994. During that time, he has made important contributions to the water supply and sanitation sector globally by developing and promoting the Hygiene Improvement Framework as a comprehensive approach to reducing waterborne diseases; supporting market-based approaches to providing infrastructure and access to un-serviced, poor populations; establishing long-lasting improvements in sanitation; and bringing technological and communication innovations to the field. He has worked in emergency response training and implementation, is a proven facilitator of group decision-making, and has designed grant programs to mobilize funds to community-based actors. Chris maintains a working knowledge of French, and has worked professionally in both Thai and Kiswahili languages.