Goufrane Mansour

Goufrane is a water and sanitation specialist, with experience in the financing, economic and institutional aspects of water and sanitation services. Since 2012, she has provided advisory and research services to governments, multilateral organisations and NGOs on public finance strategies, including   use of results-based mechanisms, leveraging household finance through microfinance and optimum arrangements for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). She has carried out sector-wide diagnostics to inform policy and identify opportunities for development partners support, programmes evaluation and portfolio reviews. Goufrane has led large-scale projects involving multi-disciplinary teams, including a UNICEF-funded research on local government expenditure on sanitation and water in Ghana, 2016-17. She has worked in a range of countries including Bangladesh, Benin, Haiti, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Sudan, Togo and Vietnam. Before joining Aguaconsult in 2016, she worked at Trémolet Consulting. She has a PhD from the University of Paris-Sorbonne and is completing her MSc in Public Financial Management at SOAS University in London. She is fluent in English and French, with a working knowledge of Arabic.

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