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  • Melissa Magna

Launch of Aguaconsult as an employee-owned company @ All Systems Connect 2023

Everything changes.............. and nothing changes!

At the All Systems Connect conference on 3rd May 2023. Aguaconsult announced its change from a privately owned to an employee-owned company.

What is this change you ask?

Well to our friends and clients in the sector, nothing will demonstably change. We will continue our high quality working in the WASH sector, working with the same partners.

Behind the scene we are now making changes that will insure the long term furture of Aguaconsult and continue to develop our team members in their careers - knowing that they are Aguaconsult's future.

Aguaconsult was founded in 2000 by one individual and incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in 2003. Between 2003 and the early 2020s it continued as a company under individual ownership and steadily grew in size, increasingly working in thematic areas in WASH beyond its genesis in rural water. It has also developed a high-quality brand and global reputation with a range of important sector clients and partners. During this period the company has expanded from one initial employee to ten full-time staff and working with many known and trusted associates. Turnover has also grown from the tens of thousands in the early years to ~£1.2 million for the latest financial year (2022 – 2023).

In mid-2023, following around 20 years of steady, organic growth the company transitioned from individual ownership to employee ownership through the transfer of shares and the creation of a holding company, The Aguaconsult Employee Ownership Trust (or Trust). The company itself is now managed by three Directors.

Aguaconsult continues to be well regarded and is now regularly engaged in several thematic areas of work across water and sanitation and is a member of several high-level strategic platforms and initiatives; and we are here to stay.


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