Evaluation of DG ECHO Action in Uganda

by | May 1, 2011

The main objective of this evaluation was to assess the results of DG ECHOs support in Uganda. Specifically, this evaluation assessed the extent to which DG ECHO assistance, both overall and by sector has been appropriate and has impacted positively on the targeted population. In terms of EC Coordination and LRRD, the evaluation assessed the extent to which DG ECHO assistance had been coordinated and complementary with EC instruments and the extent to which interventions were incorporated in EC-funded development activities. The evaluation also sought to identify the main gaps and possibilities for building synergies, complementarities and ensuring continuity with EC instruments and with the broader donor context.DG ECHO funded interventions, which are predominantly multi-sectoral programmes, were found to be highly relevant and appropriate to needs. The quality of DG ECHO-funded interventions has been strengthened by appropriate partner selection during displacement and resettlement. Capacity building results have been challenged in the health sector by the high staff turnover. Livelihoods interventions were found to be highly effective with a good LRRD continuum with Delegation programmes. DG ECHOs support to the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector has addressed pertinent needs with largely positive impact. The focus on rehabilitation of existing institutions and infrastructure rather than the creation of new ones is an effective strategy with the sum being greater than its parts in many instances.

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