Evaluation of the European Commission’s Actions in Civil Protection

by | Dec 27, 2010

Aguaconsult worked in partnership with COWI of Denmark to assess the effectiveness and appropriateness of the ECs actions in the field of civil protection, in order to assess performance and improve future operations. The evaluation covered the period 2007-2009 and focused on lesson learning and accountability in four main areas: activities of the Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC); activities relating to training, exercises and exchange of experts; Transport Provisions; and Preparatory Actions and pilot projects. The evaluation was based on reviewing existing documentation and carrying out interviews and stakeholder consultations including an e-based questionnaire survey.The evaluation found that the civil protection activities carried out by the EU were generally coherent and well-coordinated with other EU bodies, Member States and international organisations, in particular the UN. Improvement was seen over the evaluated period, driven by an increased professionalism, competency and heightened profile, which saw improved communication and better coordinated preparation and responses, both strategically and operationally, through the MIC, training programmes and use of transport assets. However, improvements are still needed for coordination between the EU mechanism and the broader NGO community, including the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movements as well as with the European Maritime Safety Agency and other international agencies such as NATO.

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