Nicaragua Hurricane Mitch reconstruction programme

by | Aug 28, 2014

This report constitutes the final report of the Environmental Health Project (EHP) Nicaragua Rural Water Supply, Sanitation, and Environmental Health Programme (EHP/Nica)a two-year reconstruction program funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development mission in Nicaragua (USAID/Nicaragua). The programme which ran from 1 September 1999 through 31 December 2001, with a total budget of $9.783 million, was managed on behalf of USAID/Nicaragua by EHP. This programme was one component of a $94 million package of assistance that the U.S. Congress approved to address the damage wrought by Hurricane Mitch in Nicaraguas northern regions in late October 1998.The report documents the programmes history from design and start-up through the final review and evaluation of specific components and closeout activities. Written by a consultant from Aguaconsult, with support from the EHP/Nica staff, the report draws upon a wide range of inputs: program documentation, monitoring outputs, final reports of private voluntary organizations (PVOs), and the results of a wrap-up workshop held in early December 2001 that discussed key lessons and conclusions.The report is presented in five chapters. The first chapter provides a background to Hurricane Mitch, the broader USAID reconstruction efforts, the design of the reconstruction program, and the underlying approach  one focusing on health improvements. Chapter 2 describes programme components and activities in more detail and presents a global picture of the quantifiable outputs achieved over the two-year implementation period. Chapter 3 presents an in-depth description and analysis of the programmes main components and discusses their impact upon the beneficiary population. Chapter 4 discusses key aspects of programme management and technical assistance provided by EHP to the implementing PVO partners. The fifth and final chapter summarizes some of the most significant conclusions and lessons learned from the two-year effort, with the objective of informing the design and management of future such programmes.

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