Review of ECHO’s water and sanitation strategy, development of policy and operational guidelines

by | Nov 2, 2014

A five-person team carried out an extensive review of water, sanitation and hygiene promotion interventions in emergency contexts, including both natural disasters and complex emergencies. The team consulted with a wide range of experts, practitioners and policy-makers from international organisations, donors, NGOs and ECHOs own technical specialists in three geographic regions of the world.The review process resulted in the production of a DVD-rom, which includes a policy statement by the Director General, a concept paper that describes ECHOs strategy and outlines key issues influencing water, sanitation and hygiene interventions and a set of model guidelines, with detailed annexes, which aim to improve the effectiveness of interventions funded by ECHO. The guidelines include a framework for assessing the most appropriate intervention according to various disaster scenarios acute, chronic, natural, conflict-induced  and provides direct links to many valuable sector documents and reference materials which can assist project staff and ECHO advisors in the design of appropriate, integrated policy.

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