Sustainable WASH Forum Report 2010

by | Oct 12, 2010

This document is a summary of the first WASH Sustainability Forum which took place in October 2010, in Washington D.C. This event was the first of a series of events which brought together a wide range of practitioners, policymakers and funders from around the world to advance sustainability thinking through a structured framework of learning and reflection. The theme of this first Forum was Sustainable water and sanitation services at scale: changing the business as usual approach. The Forum brought together over 70 participants, from 50 organizations, all of whom work in the WASH sector; including a range of donors, implementing agencies (both large NGOs and smaller charity groups), advocacy organizations and academic or research bodies. The discussions were hosted by the IRC, in partnership with Aguaconsult and Water for People. During the Forum, participants discussed and debated how to better provide sustainable services at scale in the sector.This report outlines the main objectives and achievements of the Forum. These objectives were, first, to promote a dialogue and debate on the business as usual”
approach and potential for change. Second, to promote sustainability and working at scale. Third, to exchange ideas on what practical actions can be taken and to seek a commitment for change. This process resulted in 47 individuals making action plans and commitments to sustainability on behalf of their organizations.

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