Sustainable WASH Forum Report 2013

by | Mar 11, 2013

The 2013 WASH Sustainability Forum was held in Washington, D.C. on March 11 and 12. The Forum focused on the importance of partnerships with local and national governments to support long-term sustainability. This Forum continued discussions about the WASH sector sustainability initiated during the previous 4 years. This Forum was the most well attended of all five events, with 150 attendees from 14 countries and 70 organisations participating in the event which was expanded to one and a half days.The Forum was hosted by the World Bank and supported by Aguaconsult, Global Water Challenge (GWC), IRC, UNICEF, and WASH Advocates. Attendees represented a broad range of stakeholders including ministry and local government officials from developing countries, donor governments, corporations,foundations,and organizations from the NGO sector.During the first day, panel presentations provided the opportunity to learn about roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in promoting sustainable service delivery. Government representatives from Central America, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe shared successes and challenges of implementing WASH services. On the second day, participants attended breakout sessions for donors, civil society, and governments. These discussions focused on sustainability challenges and opportunities faced by each group, who then shared their findings in a final wrap-up session.This report highlights the three main themes and outcomes which emerged during the course of the Forum. These were, first, that in order to facilitate sustainability, WASH stakeholders should (continue to) collaborate with local and national governments. Second, in order to implement successful long-term monitoring and evaluation, many challenges within the sector must be addressed. Third, discussions highlighted the need for WASH sector implementers and donors to shift their approach from infrastructure-oriented projects to service delivery-oriented programs.

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