Richard Carter

Richard Carter has worked for 35 years on the natural science, social science and engineering of water development and management, focusing especially on the poorest countries of sub-Saharan Africa.  He undertook his undergraduate, Master’s and PhD studies respectively at Cambridge, Southampton and Cranfield Universities. After training as a geologist, he took a Master’s degree in irrigation and water resources engineering, and later completed a PhD in water policy and management related to semi-arid west Africa.  Richard joined Cranfield University at Silsoe in 1981 after several years working for consulting companies in UK and overseas.  He was appointed Professor of International Water Development at Cranfield in 2002.  Richard has worked in numerous countries across Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, North America and Oceania and has published over 150 journal and conference papers, editorials and reports relating to his work.  In 2006 Richard established Richard Carter & Associates Ltd, to extend and deepen partnerships for rural development in low-income developing countries.  In 2009 Richard took the position of Head of Technical Support at WaterAid, one of the largest international NGOs dedicated to water, sanitation and hygiene development.  Since 2012 he has returned to full-time consulting as Director of his company.  For more information please visit Richard Carter & Associates Ltd website.