Meet the Team

Melissa Magna

Melissa is the other half of the Aguaconsult admin support team, providing office and administrative management and, increasingly, programme support to proposals and projects.  Melissa has spent the past 15 years in procurement, planning and logistics roles in the UK and abroad. Ten years as a film and TV production buyer and five years with the British Red Cross as a UK-based Emergency Planning and Response Manager and International ERU Logistics Officer.   Melissa brings considerable budgeting and project management experience to Aguaconsult and has a keen interest in Disaster Risk Reduction and Public Health/WASH in Humanitarian crises.

Melissa works Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Georges Mikhael

Georges Mikhael is the senior specialist in urban sanitation at Aguaconsult and holds a M.Sc. in Water and Waste Engineering from Loughborough University in the U.K. Georges has over seven years of experience in urban centres in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and South-East Asia. His area of focus is in dynamics of urban sanitation markets and the planning, financial analysis and implementation of innovative solutions. Over the last four years he was the primary sanitation expert for Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor’s (WSUP)  global approach to urban sanitation where he led the establishment of several sustainable faecal sludge management services, introduction of a sanitation tariff in Maputo, Mozambique, and contributed to the strategic direction of the container-based sanitation service Clean Team. He also co-authored a chapter in the Faecal Sludge Management book on emptying and transport. Georges has a background in consulting, undertaking assignments for a broad range of clients including non-profits, private sector, multilaterals and academia. He is fluent in English and speaks Arabic and has basic French.

Will Tillett

Will is a Principal Consultant at Aguaconsult with ten years working experience in the WASH sector. The majority of this has been spent overseas, giving Will strong practical experience in delivering programmes and supporting governments on WASH issues. Will’s experience spans rural, urban, humanitarian and development contexts, in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.  He holds an MSc in Water Management (Community Water Supply), and a BSc in Geology & Geography. Will’s strengths lie in strategy and programme/ fund design, technical assistance, training, programme management, and evaluations. While Will’s experience covers a broad range of WASH topics, he is particularly interested in rural and urban sanitation and hygiene, local private sector development, and integrating WASH with other sectors.

Will has worked as a consultant WASH Advisor for DfID, has designed and managed multi-million dollar WASH programmes in Mongolia and Zimbabwe, and has provided long-term technical assistance to the Government of Sierra Leone. He has worked as a water supply engineer in Bolivia, a sanitation researcher in Nepal, and a water resources consultant in the UK. He managed a £5m WASH innovation and capacity building fund in Sierra Leone, and  worked on a climate resilient water infrastructure programme covering Southern Africa. In his freelancing work, Will has undertaken numerous WASH programme reviews, defined WASH strategies for various NGOs, and helped develop the nationwide rural WASH investment programme for Sierra Leone. He has worked for a range of clients, including the World Bank, AfDB, DfID, UNICEF, and various NGOs (WaterAid, Oxfam, ACF, WHH). Since joining Aguaconsult Will has been working on a global study of rural water supply sustainability for the World Bank, a global evaluation of UNICEF’s rural and small town water supply programme, and is supporting the Government of Swaziland on WASH sector planning and reviews.

Nic Jones

Nic is the first half of the Aguaconsult support team, providing office and administrative management and, increasingly, programme support for proposals and projects.  Nic has nearly ten years’ experience in international development, working as an Information and Administration Officer for CAFOD.  During this time Nic played a central role in providing project and programme support to offices across East Africa, including a secondment to the Ethiopia office and developing and delivering training on Programme Cycle Management and Financial procedures to staff and partner organisations.  Nic is especially interested in Programme Cycle Management and Project Evaluation. When Nic isn’t working at Aguaconsult, she is working on her ceramic studio where she hopes to teach ceramics and make Zeer pots.

Nic works Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays,

Goufrane Mansour

Goufrane is a water and sanitation specialist, focused on the financing, economic and institutional aspects of water and sanitation services. She provides advisory services to governments, multilateral organisations and NGOs on financing strategies, including on the use of innovative instruments such as results-based financing and microfinance. She conducted several assessments of Public-Private Partnerships schemes for urban as well as rural water services and formulated recommendations for enhancing PPP models. She carried out in-depth research on the potential of microfinance for sanitation and contributed to the design of a DFID-funded innovation prize for urban sanitation in Ghana. She also contributed to the design of global prize to incentivise utilities to tackle Non-Revenue Water. Before joining Aguaconsult in January 2016, Goufrane worked for three years at Trémolet Consulting. She has a PhD from the University of Paris-Sorbonne and is completing her MSc in Public Financial Management at SOAS University in London. She is fluent in English and French, with a working knowledge of Arabic and basic Portuguese.

Harold Lockwood

Harold Lockwood is the director of the UK consulting firm Aguaconsult and an international expert in water supply and sanitation with over twenty-six years of experience focussing primarily on the rural sub-sector in areas including institutional reform and sector policy development, decentralisation of governance functions, service delivery arrangements and sustainability of services. Harold also has considerable experience in Disaster Risk Reduction, undertaking evaluations of humanitarian programmes and policy development work. Harold holds an M.Sc. from Cranfield as well as a BA in Geography at Sussex University and has worked in a wide range of countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa, including a long-term position in Pakistan between 1993 and 1995, where he was a technical advisor to the Local Government and Rural Development Department and in Nicaragua from 1996 to 1999 where he was advisor to the National Institute for Water and Sanitation. Since then, Harold has worked on dozens of assignments in almost 30 countries  for a range of clients including DFID, USAID, UNICEF, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank, other private sector firms, international NGOs, philanthropic foundations and sector research institutions. In 2011 he co-authored a book on the sustainability of rural water service provision, which has contributed substantively to the way in which policy makers, practitioners and governments think about and support their investments globally. Since 2014, Harold has becoming increasingly involved in systems-based approaches to sector strengthening and change.  Harold has some Spanish language proficiency.

Julia Boulenouar

Julia is a Principal Consultant at Aguaconsult. Julia has seven years of experience in the WASH sector and holds an MA in Town and Country Planning from La Sorbonne, Paris. Prior to joining the company Julia worked for AFD (L’Agence Française de Développement) based in Ghana, where she was responsible for urban and rural infrastructure development including transport, urban planning, decentralization and water programmes; and in Paris where she worked on urban development programmes in Ghana and Kenya. Julia’s expertise includes rural water service delivery including policy reform, monitoring, alternative community management models and urban planning. Julia also has research experience in Burkina Faso and Uganda and provides international and country level research input for the Triple-S Sustainable Services at Scale Programme. Julia is fluent in English and French, and is currently learning Portuguese.

Tony Ling

Tony is a certified accountant and acts as Aguaconsult’s financial officer, providing regular oversight and monitoring of individual and company budgets, as well as reporting on VAT and carrying out financial forecasting and modelling. Tony has over twenty years or experience with a range of companies from SMEs to Enterprise level and is proficient in industry standard accounting procedures and software; he also teaches accounting at higher education level. Tony has worked with Aguaconsult since 2002 and has built up a deep understanding of the company’s unique operating environment, working in a range of foreign currencies. He works on individual budgeting and financial reporting to ensure that projects are delivered on budget and with maximum efficiency. Tony works closely with a third party accounting firm which carries out all formal reporting to Companies House and payroll management.