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We are a UK-based Employee-Owned consulting company, founded in 2003, providing support to public, private and third sector organisations to improve water and sanitation services globally and build sector resilience to climate change.

Being Employee-Owned brings a different perspective to our business and our culture and it is a part of who we are and every decision that we make.

We are an inclusive, gender-balanced team with expertise across diverse disciplines, including finance, public policy, water and wastewater engineering, urban planning, rural development, and environmental engineering.  As well as being technically trained, and with practical in-country experience in these fields, we pride ourselves on our ability to work collaboratively with a range of stakeholders, from governments, to donors, NGOs, the private sector, academia, and local communities. and people-centred approach to working with partners from diverse backgrounds. We adopt a people-centred approach to working with partners from diverse backgrounds and our in-house multi-cultural staff regularly work in English, Spanish, French and Arabic.

Our flexibility and scale allow us to provide nimble, adaptive and client focused services, while fostering strong on-the-ground partnerships, working respectfully and collaboratively with partners and sub-contractors to create lasting impact.


Participatory, sensitive, and people-centred approaches, to enable and support complex change processes.

Advanced technical skills and a professional commitment to delivering high quality services across a range of content areas.

Extensive experience working with a wide-ranging set of partners and across a diverse set of country contexts.

Multi-disciplinary consultancy teams, building on an extensive network of professional associates and partner firms from the global south.



We are business-like and deliver high quality and on-time advisory services that add value to our clients’ work and maximises impact on the lives of millions.


We are independent and always look to challenge the status quo, pushing for changes that can unlock new approaches and solutions.


We know that the challenges facing marginalised people are often complex and that finding feasible solutions calls for flexibility and responsiveness.


We have on the ground, real-world experience ensuring that our team can give voice to many differing perspectives and deliver advice that is both inspired and realistic to implement.


We share our passion for what we do and, working as a team together with our clients, we always seek positive ways of moving forward.


We believe in what we do and strive to make a difference; our team is committed to delivering a social good and we work with clients that share these values.

Man sitting in front of a large blue water tank in the middle of a woodland


At Aguaconsult we are committed to the day-to-day tasks of working with clients to provide high quality advisory services, but we are equally passionate about our overarching goal of improving the lives of those who do not have access to basic services. Recent growth over the last two to three years has allowed us the economy of scale to turn this commitment into a reality and we are delighted to announce a ‘giving back’ initiative which reflects our collective position to do more to support causes that we think can make a difference.

As a group of like-minded staff, we have decided to dedicate up to 60 days of pro bono time per year to contribute towards any initiative linked to the water, sanitation and hygiene sector. This commitment comes along with monetary support for pro bono work, either for direct expenses or travel costs. Because of the nature of the work, we do in international development we hope to contribute to global initiatives, but also very much include support or outreach to organizations in the north, including those very locally in north-east Essex. We are also aiming to have a link with education as one of the most powerful mechanisms for transformational change and development, both at an individual and societal level.

This initiative is in place primarily to support interactions through pro bono giving of time and expertise by staff, rather than simply donating money to a cause. Beyond some basic ground rules, each staff member is free to select an initiative or organization that they feel would benefit from their support. Equally, individuals may also continue to support an initiative in their own time, above and beyond the allocation of time by the company. At the end of each year, we will review experiences with this giving back initiative and collectively assess what has worked well and where we can make improvements.  

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