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  • Bill Twyman

Sustainable Services Initiative Toolbox

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – and the increased importance of good hygienic practices – highlights the critical importance of safe WASH services and the WASH systems that support them. The Sustainable Services Initiative (SSI) – an undertaking of Welthungerhilfe, in partnership with Aguaconsult, the German Toilet Organization (GTO) and Viva con Agua – has recently published Tools for Practitioners to strengthen WASH systems (or simply the SSI-Toolbox).

The SSI-Toolbox is an interactive pdf that contains 21 two-page topic briefs on key systems strengthening concepts. Each topic brief explains why the topic is important to systems strengthening and provides practical guidance and tips as well as more than 100 links with one-click-access to relevant resources (tools, publications, PowerPoints, videos, etc.) that provide further information and can be used when strengthening the system.

The SSI-Toolbox can be downloaded here and for more information contact Bill Twyman



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