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  • Bill Twyman – Meta-Study on Existing Water Supply and Sanitation Research is a global non-profit organisation addressing critical water supply and sanitation challenges by helping households to access water supply and sanitation services through affordable financing such as small loans.

Over the last decade, has developed a comprehensive internal evidence-base through programme monitoring, evaluations, and individual research studies.

Aguaconsult recently collaborated with IWEL to undertake a meta-study of’s internal evidence-base across five thematic areas:

(i) household finances,

(ii) women’s empowerment and equity,

(iii) health and safety,

(iv) climate change, and

(v) WaterCredit as an accelerator.

Findings from this process were tallied against those from wider WASH sector literature and used to determine areas where programs have the greatest impact and map the improvements required to’s monitoring and evaluations. Ultimately, the findings and recommendations from this study are now being used by to inform the development of their next global strategy, to refine its internal monitoring and evaluation efforts, and improve programming.


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