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  • Eléonore Motte

Sustainability Evaluation of Rotary International-USAID WASH partnership in Uganda

Eleonore (Aguaconsult) sitting at a table on a balcony talking to a female and male national consultant.

We’re happy to share the progress of our ongoing project in Uganda, focused on evaluating the sustainability of WASH interventions.

Over the past few months, our dedicated team has been collaborating with stakeholders, conducting workshops and trainings to ensure a holistic understanding of the project's objectives. One of the milestones achieved was the successful field testing of our data collection tools, which play a crucial role in gathering accurate information. Our teams are currently out in the field collecting the data needed for our sustainability evaluations.

The data collected will be analysed to assess the sustainability of WASH interventions at various levels – national, district, and service provider. We believe that this evaluation will provide valuable insights into the impact of these interventions and help inform future decision-making.


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